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The enthusiasm shown by Italian companies and the rise in the demand of many Italian products have driven us to connect with local professionals and businesses and provide new and existing customers with a platform of Italian stores incubator, including Authentic Italian Food & Beverages, Italian Design, Italian Fashion, High quality Italian Technology, Italian Innovative Startups.

Ready to hatch?

Thanks to its long-established history in the local business scene, Piazze d’Italia is in the ideal position to create interest around Italian brands and MADE IN ITALY products. Through the production of product-focused virtual and physical events, combined with networking and PR campaigns, our goal is to “incubate” Italian stores and startups in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota area, and provide consumers with a real “piazza” shopping experience. Our current incubators include:

  • Vini delle Piazze d’Italia
  • Marmi & ceramiche delle Piazze d’Italia
  • Negozi online delle Piazze d’Italia
  • Moda delle Piazze d’Italia
  • Arredamenti delle Piazze d’Italia

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