Business Services


Italian small and medium-sized companies looking to expand their reach into Central Florida are taking advantage of the strong impulse they are receiving from Italian and European Institutions.

Still, companies exploring new business and local markets need to consult with a number of experts: they need legal and financial advice, cost analysis, location selection, licensing, logistics, promotion, marketing. These services are seldom available all in one place. Most of the time, the consultant for the service you need does not speak Italian.

Piazze d’Italia can help. We can find the right service provider for you and ease any communication issues. Not only we can provide you official translation services but we can be your interlocutor to guide you through the process of starting your business or selling your products and services.


Piazze d’Italia is the strongest Italian business platform dedicated to the promotion of MADE IN ITALY products and services in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota markets.

Business services available to our clients include:

  • Investment opportunities
  • Business partnerships
  • Financing guidance
  • Import opportunities
  • Distribution set-up
  • Legal services referrals
  • Accounting Services referrals

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