Industry Services

Experience is our most valuable asset

Piazze d’Italia, a member of many local Italian clubs and associations, has 45 years of experience in importing and distributing MADE IN ITALY goods and services.
Thanks to a long-established presence in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas, our organization enjoys a deep knowledge of the local market as well as a thorough understanding of official processes.

Get the best expert advice

To better serve Italian companies needs, Piazze d’Italia has partnered with an expansive network of professionals that can address any service request.
Services provided by our expert partners include:

  • market research
  • information and guidance support
  • Italian business products and services webinars
  • introduction to potential partners and clients in Tampa Bay and Sarasota
  • institutional relations
  • location analysis
  • brokering assistance
  • media relations

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