Piazze D’Italia

An Engine for Growth

Our dream is to preserve and promote the authentic Made in Italy brand in our areas of influence.
Piazze d’Italia is a concept brought to life by Italian entrepreneurs and professionals who call Florida home but cannot stop dreaming about the beauty and the good of Italy, of its authentic flavors and its unparalleled excellence.
We live in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota area, on the Florida Gulf Coast, a place that enjoys an outstanding quality of life in an urban yet un-metropolitan way. Over 170 nationalities comprise its population, creating a vibrant, multicultural and diverse community in which the Italian culture is both cherished and sought-after. Due to the quick growth the area has experienced in the recent pre-pandemic years, Tampa Bay and the Florida Gulf Coast present a huge potential market for Italian products in the food & beverage, technology and home design industries.

Our vision is to bring Italian Companies and authentic Italian products to our neck of the US, to locally spread the Italian culture and the love for true Made in Italy lifestyle. To this goal, we have formed a consulting business, Piazze d’Italia, to ease the process. Our direct services, together with our network of professionals, can help Italian entrepreneurs understand the necessary steps needed to bring their business overseas.

Why Florida? 4th in the nation both for population and GDP, Florida has recently joined California and the New York area as one of the most attractive regions for domestic and foreign investments, both for its particularly favorable tax regime and high per-capita income.

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